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Our innovative and proven back pain treatment will deliver long-term results you can trust.

After completing our comprehensive posture and spinal assessment we will have identified your muscle imbalances impacting your back pain and determine the best approach to your back pain.

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Lower Back Pain Relief

After establishing your muscle imbalances driving your back ache we will undertake a “corrective exercise” program to balance your body and relief the lower back ache.

Exercises For Sore Back

Your comprehensive posture and spine assessment will provide a clear picture of how to address your back ache.

A carefully planned series of lower back stretches that stretch the short tight muscles and strengthen the long weak muscles will restore   harmony to your back and reduce the cause of back pain.


Lower Back Pain

What we do

Assessing Your Back Pain and Treating Your Back Pain

Our comprehensive back pain assessment gives us valuable information on how best to treat your back pain. After all if your not assessing your guessing.

We’ll determine the best approach and give you solid feedback in terms you’ll understand.



Initial Lower Back Pain Assessment

An initial comprehensive detailed posture and spinal assessment will provide valuable insights to the imbalances related to the back pain you are experiencing.

This is a critical assessment to determine the best approach to resolving your back pain and long term success with your back.


Establish Best Approach For Your Back Pain


Depending on the results of your back pain assessment this will determine the best approach to your back pain treatment. 

In acute cases, scenar therapy may be included in your back pain treatment, followed by a corrective exercise plan.  


Lower Back Pain

Home Program

A specific personalised home based exercise program may form part of the plan to maintain the balance of the muscles keeping the back pain at bay.

This home exercise program is specifically designed for your body and will allow you to maintain long term results that you can manage.

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Lower Back


Part of your lower back pain treatment may involve some specific lower back strengthening exercises. Our posture and spine assessment will determine if this is appropriate for relief of your back ache. 


Restore Harmony To Your Back


Long Term Results


Home Program


Pain Free Back

Lower Back Pain Treatment 

We treat the cause not the symptoms of your lower back pain. Our back pain treatment is based on posture and muscle imbalances that have a direct correlation to back pain.


Comprehensive Back Pain Assessment


Effective Lower Back Stretches


Lower Back Pain Relief


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Lower Back Pain

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