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At Back Pain Auckland were proud to share our success with clients who have had ongoing nagging, aching, painful low back pain.

Some have spent thousands trying to find the right solution to end up here at our clinic tired and frustrated with their lower back pain.

With our comprehensive posture, spinal and core assessment we can determine the best solution to end the back pain! 

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Lower Back Pain

Some success stories

Lower Back Pain

And Posture

Did you know your posture has a profound effect on your vitality and muscular balance?

Poor posture in combination with a weak core is a drain on your body and at some point will express itself sooner or later as a muscular pain syndrome which often results in a sore lower back.

It’s especially common in office workers who spend many hours behind a desk unwittingly creating postural dysfunction.

However, with the right posture and strengthening program, this can be turned around and results can be seen in 2-3 weeks! 



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Lower Pain Back Success Stories


Lower Back Pain Success

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Barry presented with lower back pain and an increased thoracic curvature along with forward head posture measuring 5.5cm

After our corrective exercise program (4-6 weeks) we saw dramatic results!

Forward head posture was down to 4.0cm (normal 3cm) with a noticeable decrease in the upper body spine curvature as can be seen in the before and after photo’s.

His back pain reduced significantly after the corrections.



Lower Back Pain Success

Lower Back Pain


Ian presented with increased thoracic curvature along with forward head posture measuring 5cm (normal 3cm).

After completing our lower back pain corrective exercise program (4-6weeks) we saw noticeable improvements.

Our before and after photos show decreased spine curvatures, forward head posture and better posture alignment!

Once posture was restored and his core strength regained his back pain was eliminated.



Lower Back Pain Success

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Sam presented with increased thoracic curvature along with forward head posture measuring 6cm (normal 3cm).

After 4-6 weeks of corrective exercise we re-tested and saw a marked decreased in thoracic curvature and significantly reduced forward head posture measuring 3.5cm (normal 3cm)

A great result with lower back pain eliminated after a specific corrective exercise program. Improved posture and alignment noted. 


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Lower back stretches

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Lower Back Pain

Don’t Tolerate Back Muscle Pain Any Longer

Apart from injury and trauma, lower back pain is largely attributed to poor posture and faulty movement patterns.

Our posture and spine assessment will uncover your muscle imbalances contributing to your nagging, aching back pain.

Unresolved sports injuries can create compensation in other areas in your body and lead to further pain syndromes. 





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