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Back Pain Assessment Auckland

Back Pain Assessment is critical in determining the right approach for treatment. At Back Pain Auckland we assess not guess!

With a comprehensive postural and spinal assessment, we can quickly and easily identify postural imbalances and establish the corrective exercises needed to get you pain-free FAST!


  • Which muscles are long and weak and or short and tight.
  • How strong or weak your core is and its connection to your back pain.
  • Your spinal curvatures and their impact on your back pain.
  • Your posture profile and relationship to what’s considered ideal
  • How much forward head posture is ok
Lower Back Pain Exercises

I was impressed with the detailed comprehensive posture and lower back assessment I received from Back Pain Auckland.

It was only then that I could truly understand how my back pain was linked to my posture imbalance and core weakness.


Assessing Your Back Pain

To truly understand your back pain we undertake a comprehensive muscular and spinal assessment to determine which muscles are long and weak and which muscles are short and tight. This is essential in understanding the length-tension balance in your body and its relationship to your current back pain.

“Posture and pain go hand in hand”

We then devise a corrective exercise program by stretching the short tight muscles and strengthening the long weak muscles to get you pain-free FAST.  Because if you’re not assessing your guessing! Pain and Posture are very much connected and we can help!

How Do I Know If I Need a Posture Assessment

If you have lower back pain, back pain, neck pain, sciatica,  muscle fatigue, headaches, niggles, and body aches and pains it’s likely these are posture related and need to be resolved.

Postural dysfunction can be resolved with a corrective exercise program.

Low back pain is the most common complaint but research shows shoulder, neck and arm pain has become increasingly widespread as a result of poor posture leading to postural dysfunction and pain.

At Back Pain Auckland we’ll undertake a comprehensive  posture and spine assessment to identify the source of your back pain and determine the best lower back treatment to get you pain free fast!


Chat With An Expert

Talk with me to discuss your back pain symptoms and how I can help you to get pain-free FAST!

CHEK Exercise Coach

Our Approach to Back Pain & What to Expect on Your First Visit

We believe a holistic approach to your back pain is essential and understand that a comprehensive assessment for your back pain is at the heart of getting you pain-free fast.

On your first visit, we will discuss your current back pain symptoms, back pain history, lifestyle factors that may contribute to your back pain. We’ll then undertake a comprehensive assessment of your posture and spine to determine the best approach to get you pain-free FAST!

How Long is The Appointment?

Generally 1-1.5 hours is required for the assessment. It’s comprehensive and it needs to be!

What should I Wear For The Assessment

Comfortable workout gear is generally best, we do need to pinpoint landmarks on the body for an accurate assessment.

Is The Assessment Painful?

There should be no pain experienced with the assessment. There will be a little poking and prodding the find prominent landmarks and that’s about it.

"Take charge of your back pain today with our comprehensive posture and spinal assessment"

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