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Lower Back Pain


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At Back Pain Auckland we offer advanced back pain treatments starting with assessment through to treatment. We are results driven and passionate about getting you pain-free fast!

Lower back pain requires a comprehensive assessment to understand the underlying posture, musculoskeletal issues that are driving your back pain.

It’s important to identify postural dysfunction to be able to determine the best approach to your lower back pain

An Alternative to Chiropractor or Physiotherapist For Your Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is most commonly attributed to excessive lumbar tilt and a weak core. Accurately determining your lumbar tilt and core function is an important measure when assessing for your back pain muscle syndrome. As a trained CHEK Coach we use highly accurate specific instruments to assess for these imbalances and address the cause of back pain.

Lower Back Pain Cause

Poor Posture

Faulty ergonomics

Poor abdominal wall function

Visceral-Somato Reflex

Spinal fractures

Spinal infections

Spinal tumours

Degenerative disease

Muscle imbalance

Injury / Trauma

Rapidly Reduce Your Lower Back Pain

Did you know that lower back pain is often attributed to a weak and dysfunctional core, along with an excessive lumbar tilt. A vast amount of back pain stems from postural imbalances and can be corrected with restorative corrective exercises and a well designed exercise program that restores function and strength to your back. Poor posture is also a major contributor of headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain as muscles become long and weak or short and tight due to disruptive posture changes.


CHEK Coach Restoring Poor Posture and Lower Back Pain

You may have heard of forward head posture, however you may not have heard how damaging this is to your lower back pain and day to day vitality. If you have poor posture it’s just a matter of time before the body expresses this as nagging aches and pains. If you have mild discomfort now, it will only amplify as time goes on unless corrected by a trained professional.

Back Pain Auckland

Lower Back Pain Assessment

Lower back pain can be debilitating and painful. Take charge of your lower back ache with our comprehensive musculoskeletal posture and spine assessment and stop the back pain!

Lower Back Pain
CHEK Exercise Coach

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Lower Back Pain Assessment  Auckland

Pain in lower back can be exhausting and debilitating but it doesn’t need to be that way.

With a comprehensive posture and spine assessment we can identify the source of your painful back and resolve with targeted corrective exercise to correct the imbalances and get you pain free.

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Lower Back Pain Treatment Auckland

Once we have identified the source of your lower back pain we can go about restoring the muscle imbalance(s) with corrective exercise.

Muscles that are long and weak and or short and tight need to be rebalanced and restored to resolve the back pain.

Lower Back Exercises Auckland


Lower Back Stretches Auckland

Lower back pain exercises are targeted and designed to restore your back pain function and eliminate your low back pain.

A specific series of lower back exercises will be required to attain back pain relief and ultimately eliminating back pain.

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