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Lower Back Pain Auckland

Suffering from debilitating Back Pain? Lower Back Pain can wear you down and create havoc with your body, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

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Lower Back Pain Assessment Auckland

Comprehensive posture and spinal assessments to identify your pain dysfunction and correct with advanced back pain techniques.

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Lower Back Pain Treatment Auckland

With our advanced back pain treatments, we can get you pain-free FAST! You don’t need to tolerate your back pain any longer.


Don’t resign yourself to tolerating the pain. With a comprehensive posture and spinal assessment, we can quickly identify which muscles need to be balanced with “corrective exercise” and offer advanced back pain therapy to eliminate the pain and give you back pain relief FAST!

A Holistic Approach
To Your Lower Back Pain

We believe a holistic approach is essential to overcoming your back pain, including advanced exercise protocols, addressing lifestyle factors sabotaging your back and back pain self-management.

With our personalised rehabilitation programme, guidance and expertise you will be pain-free and moving better in no time!


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Lower Back Pain

You Don’t Need To Tolerate Back Pain

Take charge of your low back pain! As a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, I can assess your posture and pain dysfunction to get to the bottom of your lower back pain.

We’ll establish a corrective exercise plan along with advanced back pain treatment to get you pain-free FAST!

Lower Back Pain

Shane Lyons

CHEK Exercise Coach

Back Pain Specialist Auckland

Former Professional Athlete

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Trusted Back Pain Specialist Auckland Shane Lyons

At Back Pain Auckland you get a qualified trusted back pain assessment, including advanced back pain treatment solutions.

With our comprehensive posture and spinal assessments, we can quickly determine the source of your back pain and get you pain-free FAST!

With our combination of advanced assessments and innovative back pain treatments, we’ll have you back pain-free in no time!

An Alternative To Chiropractic and Physiotherapy For Your Lower Back Pain

5 Star Google Reviews Auckland Back Pain

Having suffered increasingly worsening lower back pain for eight years, Claire Smith sought the help of Back Pain Auckland.

In this blog, she shares her experience of working with Shane to overcome the daily pain that was affecting her mobility and wellbeing.

Claire from Auckland

About Low Back Pain

Low back pain is very common. Around 80% of people have it at least once in their life and 1 in 5 Kiwis suffer from back pain.

Sometimes just the normal things we do can cause some back pain. Usually, it is not serious and will get better by itself.

However, if the pain doesn’t subside in a reasonable timeframe then it’s time to look deeper.

In almost all cases we find a weak and dysfunctional core is the issue along with postural imbalance. We like to address the cause, not the symptoms of your lower back pain and through our comprehensive postural and spinal assessments we can determine the best approach to get you moving pain-free as soon as possible.

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Lower Back Pain

When Should I Be Worried About Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can come and go, but when it’s prolonged, persistent and affecting your sleep quality it’s time to investigate the causes.

A posture assessment is a great start in identifying muscle imbalances that are contributing to that ongoing, aching, painful back pain.

 3 Reasons To Choose

Back Pain Auckland



With 18 years in the health and fitness  industry we have seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to movement performance.

Your body is a system of systems and in understanding that we take a holistic approach to your back pain.

With many success stories behind us we look forward to you being our next success. Taking you out of pain and back to freedom to do the things you enjoy to do without nagging, aching back pain to hold you back. 



Using the latest methodologies in movement performance we will empower you to overcome your back pain, improve your everyday mobility and function.

We’ll undertake a comprehensive posture and spine assessment to determine the etiology of your pain.

Introducing corrective exercise and fast pain relief with Scenar technology you’ll  take charge of your back pain and be moving better in no time!



Once we have established the right path and protocols to get you back pain free fast we don’t believe it’s necessary to keep coming back week after week, month after month for back pain treatment.

Rather we want you to be confident in the programme we have developed for you so you can be empowered to self-manage this in the comfort of your home and have long lasting results. 





What People Are Saying About Back Pain Auckland

I have been having back pain for few years and went to physio, acupuncture and got what I could but none of them actually worked.

Met shane and its improving and my core is getting stronger too. No more waking up at night with sore back! Thanks Shane.

Hannah Oh - Parnell

Shane has great knowledge and experience in managing back pain, and in providing support for maintenance of ongoing issues.

He is great at helping to identify triggers behind my back pain, so can advise the best way to treat the problem, and minimise the risk of it happening again in future.

I received some high level stretching techniques which really helped to settle my back down, and I am using those now as a great maintenance stretch to keep things under control. Thanks Shane!

Lower Back Pain Testimonial

Heather Lyons - Devonport

I came to Back Pain Auckland with lower back pain and neck pain through years of ongoing work and sports injuries.

Shane did a comprehensive posture and spine assessment and gave me a program of exercises and stretches which I’ve found to be of massive benefit to my health and wellbeing.

I would not hesitate to recommend Shane to anyone in a similar situation. Very happy with the results.

Back Pain Auckland

David Mackessack - Takapuna

Following Shane’s assessment of the possible causes of my lower back and hip pain, we have worked on a programme that has given attention to managing and improving both.

Having a programme geared to addressing my areas of concern, and being able to do some of the suggested exercises regularly at home, as well as at PT sessions has been great.

The discomfort I had been experiencing has been significantly reduced, a long with a definite improvement in strength and mobility in my hip and lower back.

Shane is knowledgeable and considered in his approach to fitness, particularly around back care. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

back pain specialist auckland

Tracy Towers - Grey Lynn

Back Pain Auckland Featured in the Media

Lower Back Pain and YOU

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work, and it is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

An integrated system (body) is only as good as the isolated parts. When your back is not working well neither is the rest of the body!

Fortunately, you can take measures to prevent or relieve most back pain episodes. If prevention fails, simple home treatment and proper body mechanics often will heal your back within a few weeks and keep it functional. Surgery is rarely needed to treat back pain.

Back Pain and YOU

Back pain can range from a muscle aching to a shooting, burning or stabbing sensation. In addition, the pain may radiate down your leg or worsen with bending, twisting, lifting, standing or walking.

Lower back pain can be debilitating, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

With proper assessment of your current posture and spine we can identify the best way forward to take you out of pain and back to freedom from back pain.


Struggling with nagging back pain, neck pain, headaches?

Don’t tolerate the pain any longer! Book in today for your initial assessment with Back Pain Auckland.

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Lower Back Pain Auckland
Back Pain
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Take Charge Of Your

Lower Back Pain Today!

At Back Pain Auckland we’ll assess your back pain with our comprehensive posture assessment and give you the correct exercises that will restore and strengthen your back .

We will work with you to initiate posture changes that will align your body and take away unnecessary pain due to poor posture. 

You can trust us to provide you with a clear plan that will give you confidence in your lower back rehabilitation. Every aspect of your program is carefully designed to move you back to your body’s natural balance.

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